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Kanematsu Japanese Steel Deba Knife - Ebematushoji

Kanematsu Japanese Steel Deba Knife

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Skilled blacksmith have made fire-making forging and hardening in the same method as Japanese Swords. It is a gem that the soul of handmade is filled with.

Brand Information:

Kanematsu is a Japanese company which is based in Seki city. It produces various kinds of Japanese Knives for kitchen use mainly for professional chefs. The company has a unique design with a wooden handle.

blade length weight thickness
15cm 295mm 270g 8.0mm
16.5cm 325mm 340g 8.0mm
18cm 340mm 390g 8.0mm
19.5cm 355mm 400g 8.0mm
21cm 380mm 450g 8.5mm
24cm 430mm 600g 8.5mm
27cm 460mm 800g 10.5mm
30cm 510mm 840g 11.5mm