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Tomita Stainless Steel Grater tmo-001

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This grater is indispensable for grating ingredients.

Freshly grated condiments add aroma and color to dishes.

However, conventional graters are difficult to wash clean, making them difficult to use on a daily basis, and the blade or the prongs can be a concern, preventing the food from being grated all the way through.

The manufacture have developed the Tomita-style grater without sharp blades to solve these problems and allow users to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly grated food on a daily basis.

The Tomita's unique wickerwork pattern protrusions serve as blades, enabling safe and aromatic grating of food. wickerwork pattern protrusions are staggered crossed protrusions that distribute resistance well, creating a surprisingly smooth scrubbing feel.

Since no sharp teeth are used, it does not hurt to touch with fingers and can be easily washed with a sponge.

Size: W180xD80x5mm