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EBM Japanese Sawara Cypress Hangiri Rice Mixing Tub

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Hangiri (Handai) is commonly used for making Sushi rice. The wooden mixing tub helps to absorb moisture from recently cooked rice to cool it down quickly and make it ready for mixing with seasoning or sauce.

Material: Sawara Cypress

You can find the lid separately here

 external diameter internal size
24cm (2gou rice) dia.220xH80mm
27cm (2.5gou rice) dia.250xH65mm
30cm (3.5gou rice) dia.285xH70mm
33cm (5gou rice) dia.305xH70mm
36cm (7gou rice) dia.310xH70mm 
39cm (1shou rice) dia.335xH80mm
42cm (1.5shou rice) dia.380xH80mm
45cm (2shou rice) dia.410xH85mm
48cm (2.5shou rice) dia.435xH95mm
54cm (3shou rice) dia.495xH110mm


* Because of hand made products, there is some tolerance of the size