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Ebematsu Shoji

Gangy Stainless-Steel Can Opener (110x75mm)

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Tough and functional for hard use
Can opener/corkscrew series Stenghansy can opener
Sturdy and sturdy
Unquestionably strong in both cutting ability and strength.

Robust and outstanding sharpness
The body is made of 18CR stainless steel and the blade is made of 13CR high carbon stainless steel with a heat-treated finish.
The blade tip is polished on the front and back, so you can feel the robustness and outstanding sharpness of the blade.
Easy to grip
The shape of the blade allows for a firm one-handed grip and easy application of force.
It can open a wide range of canned foods from household canned foods to commercial canned foods.
There are three uses
Excellent sharpness, no slipping, no worries
Easy to clean

Can opener Bottle opener Uncorking