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Hi-Tech Spatula Round (SPO)

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Heat-resistant mixing spatulas are designed for commercial use with several benefits;

    - Sturdy enough to stir through thick gravy and ingredients.
   - Heat resistance of 130 C (260 F).
   - The slippery material on the tip prevents food attaching and scratches on pots or     pans.
   - The surfaces are non-wood materials that do not chip or deteriorate.

length width weight thickness
25cm 72mm 90g 2.8mm
30cm 91mm 140g 2.8mm
40cm 111mm 210g 2.8mm
50cm 124mm 300g 2.8mm
60cm 137mm 410g 2.8mm
75cm 150mm 600g 3.3mm
90cm 163mm 780g 3.3mm
105cm 174mm 1050g 1.3mm
120cm 187mm 1300g 4.8mm
135cm 202mm 1550g 5.8mm
150cm 215mm 1950g 6.8mm