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Ebematsu Shoji

Komin Cast Iron Oval Frying Pan

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Material : ductile cast iron

 Inner diameter Size Weight
20cm 335x218xH57mm 0.8kg
24cm 404x262xH65mm 1.2kg

Delicious cooking made easy with cast iron!
Thin and light kitchenware made of ductile cast iron.
Because it is ductile, even though it is thin, it is strong and safe to use.
Its characteristic feature is its surface with a unique texture.
This texture is a proof of no scraping and high technology.
Of course, it is IH compatible.
Why don't you enrich your dining table with cast iron kitchenware?

UNILLOY cast iron frying pan, shallower than SSC frying pan,
It is suitable for sautéing and frying eggs.

Winner of the 2011 IDS Design Competition Grand Prize.

Surface Coating: Silicone coating, matte finish
The heat-resistant silicone coating will fade with use. Even if the coating is completely gone, there is no problem in use.
Weight 840g