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Misono Molybdenum Steel Sujihiki Knife

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Misono molybdenum steel is an ideal western-style knife using high-carbon stainless steel (13 chrome) containing molybdenum and vanadium. Made with full use of high-level technology, its rust resistant and comes with great sharpness.

Brand Information:

Based in Seki city, Gifu Prefecture, Misono is a leading Japanese kitchen knife company. The company has a skilled team of craftsmen who can produce the finest knives by combining time-tested traditional techniques and the latest modern technologies. Misono knives have superior durability, cutting efficiency, and edge retention than the knives produced by other brands. 

blade length
weight thickness
No.521 24cm 360mm
150g 2.0mm
No.522 27cm 390mm
170g 2.0mm
No.523 30cm 435mm 220g 2.0mm
No.524 33cm 465mm 230g 2.2mm
No.525 36cm 500mm 260g 2.2mm