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Nousaku Tin Tableware Kuzushi Yure Sake Cup Gold

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Sake Cup made with tip and gilded with gold leaf in the inner side. Multi-purpose round-bottom design cups which can be used as Sake cups, desert cups and even as a decoration item.


Known as the most expensive metal after gold and silver.

Tin is very malleable and bendable.

Though tin resembles silver in its whiteness, it does not rust for tarnish easily.

Also, pure tin is significantly antibacterial and safe for serving foods. 

In Japan, it has been said that tin removes the bitterness from Japanese Sake as well as other beverages.

Brand Information:

Nousaku is based in Takaoka, Japan. The company began its operations in 1916 by manufacturing Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea sets, and vases made of brass and bronze. It produces tin and brass items with good designs. Having a wide range of products, Nousaku concentrates on both traditional crafts and artwork. Designers around the world are fascinated by its design and detailed work.

capcacity (cc) diameter
Mini 40cc 57mm 37mm
S 70cc 66mm 45mm
L 130cc 80mm  55mm