Shred cabbage at home just like at a pork cutlet restaurant! I used the Raku Raku Cabbage Slicer!

Shred cabbage at home just like at a pork cutlet restaurant! I used the Raku Raku Cabbage Slicer!


I'm Sayamama, editor of Gurutto Kitchen!

The cabbage that you have been using in your daily meals...

Good for salad! Good for stir-fry! Good in soups!

Japanese, Western, Chinese, any genre!

It also has the effect of increasing the amount of fat in your diet! (It's a great addition to any dish!)

It's a big hit at Saya-mama's house!

Grilled meat and shredded cabbage! Fried food and shredded cabbage!

Even if I don't have time, I grill the meat and put it on top!

Dear cabbage! It's a big help...

Isn't it troublesome to shred cabbage? (;´´I've said it...)
(I said it...)

I have been doing my best with a kitchen knife, but it's just too much trouble!

But anyway, it's such a hassle!

I want to have fun!

So this time, let's try using a cabbage peeler and slicer!

(I want to make it easy, I want to make it easy)

Here's what I used this time!

From left, Shimomura Kogyo's Super Vegetarian Slicer.

Also, Shimomura Kogyo's Full Veggie Cabbage Peeler.

And Nonoji's cabbage peeler Super Light.

Up above, Chiba Kogyosho's Cabbage Kun!

And the star of the show, the cabbages!

Seasonally, both spring and winter cabbages were available!

Since we're here, let's compare these two kinds of cabbage!

(Left: winter cabbage, Right: spring cabbage)

To begin with, what is the difference between spring cabbage and winter cabbage?

I have an image that cabbage can be eaten all year round, but when is the cabbage season?

We have looked into it!

Cabbages are in season three times!
He~! Cabbage has three seasons~!

Originally, cabbage is a vegetable that prefers a cooler climate of about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

As a result of repeated breeding efforts, various varieties of cabbage have been created so that they can be grown even in high temperatures.

Spring cabbage is sown in the fall and is in season from March to May.

Summer cabbage is sown in July to October, and winter cabbage is sown in summer and in season from November to March.

So, to begin with, the varieties themselves are different! I see!

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know the difference between the two, even though they are familiar vegetables that I've always taken care of...

Now, let's cut it!

Winter cabbage is oval in shape, with hard leaves and tightly packed.

In contrast, spring cabbage is,


The rolls are loose and fluffy.

First, let's use Shimomura Kogyo's Full Veggie Cabbage Peeler!

The green color like cabbage is so cute!


Anyway, it is easy to hold! Easy to grip! The shape of the handle is exquisite!

The blade is also wide, so you can slice cabbage rapidly!

I was able to slice winter cabbage perfectly! Just the right thinness!

A kitchen knife can't do this!

Next, spring cabbage!


What's wrong?

I can't get it right... (Tears)

I checked, and it seems that spring cabbage cannot be cut into strips because of its loose nature of being rolled up.

Now, let's try using Nonojisama Cabbage Peeler Super Light!

It has a hole in the middle part and looks easy to use!

The instruction manual in the shape of a cabbage and the "rakuma" recipe are very cute!

Let's start with winter cabbage!

There is a ring to hook your finger on, so you can easily pull it without much effort!

Anyway, it's easy to do!


Zoom in on the blade.

The serrated blade makes it easy to get a good grip on the surface!

This is good! Easy~♪♪

Spring cabbage was not done well here either due to its nature...

And Shimomura Kogyo's Super Vegetarian Slicer!

Excellent stability. Of course it is! There is no reason why it can't slice with ease!

I was able to slice the winter cabbage perfectly!

Sorry...I forgot to take a picture...

(I can't believe it...)

And I was so happy with the slicing of winter cabbage that I forgot to try slicing spring cabbage....

I forgot to verify this... (I really can't believe it...)

I'll get back on track!

This time, Saya-mama was looking forward to this the most!

Chiba Kogyosho's cabbage-kun!

It looks so fun to see!

You can make a whole cabbage! You turn the handle! (Excitement!!!)

Since this is the first time to use it, Gurutto Kitchen's editorial department and editor-in-chief helped me out~!

First, set the winter cabbage! (Cut a little to make it easier to insert.)

Turn the handle in a circular motion!

In no time at all, the cabbage is sliced!

That's what I'm talking about, cabbage-kun! It's a cabbage from a pork cutlet shop!


You can adjust the thickness by turning the knob attached to this position!

And the spring cabbage, which we couldn't do before!

I guess it's difficult because of its nature...

It is sliced! It's amazing!

Even the spring cabbage was sliced! (I'm so impressed!)

However, the cabbage was still rolled up too loosely, so the top clasp started to wear off while I was working on it.

I was so impressed!

The top clasp started to wear out as I was doing it, and it started to spin around in the middle...

Here is the result of the cabbage slicing contest!

It's in great shape!

The cabbage slicing was fun and easy... (This is important!!!)

The shredded cabbage was divided among everyone and taken home.

The cabbage was fluffy and tasted better than usual cabbage!

We hope you all enjoy the cabbage from the tonkatsu restaurant at home!

Try it!
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