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Nonoji Cabbage Peeler Super Light Green

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The "Cabbage Peeler Super Light" produces fluffy shredded cabbage by simply brushing the cabbage cut in half.

This is a fun kitchen item that is super lightweight and requires no effort to shred cabbage.
We have newly developed an original special blade through continuous research and verification of delicious shredded cabbage! The original blade with a wavy surface slices cabbage more finely. The wavy surface also creates an airy (fluffy) texture.

Nowadays, it is becoming popular to use a peeler to easily slice cabbage, but we often hear customers' comments that they are worried about cabbage splattering when they pull the peeler. The "Nonoji Cabbage Peeler Super Light" has an original blade with a thin profile, which prevents cabbage from splattering and makes it possible to pull cabbage more lightly.

Super lightweight 22g and easy to pull with just one finger, so even busy moms can use it easily every day. It is also recommended for elderly people with weakened hand strength.

Enjoy the fluffy and delicious shredded cabbage of a tonkatsu restaurant at home.