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Ebematsu is a wholesale and manufacturing company for kitchen tools, mainly for professional use. With the vast range of Kitchen tools, we provide you both with high-quality made- in-Japan products as well as exquisite items from renowned brands all over the world.

Our Story

Ebematsu Shoji Co., Ltd. (shortly known as EBM) is located in Tsubame City of Japan, which is known for its abundance in mineral resources and production of copperware and cutleries. The company started as a small business by grandfather Ebe in 1937 and today it is one of the top kitchenware distributor in Japan generating 113 Millon USD sales revenue in the year 2019. Grandfather, Matsuji Ebe, started to sell certain products, mainly Japanese Knife in Tsubame City and close area. And then, we expanded our business in Japan and began selling our products in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. Kenichi Ebe, the son of Matsuji Ebe, introduced EBM Oden Pot by carrying on his back across Japan. The popularity of Oden Pot then become the turning point for the company and contributed to what EBM stands for today. As of now, EBM offers more than 90,000 professional kitchenware products.

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Our mission

Contributing to people’s happiness in the background while providing our customers with user friendly, high-quality and durable professional kitchenware.

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One Stop Shop

We carry over 90,000 varieties of kitchenware. You can find all the kitchen products you need to open up a new restaurant. 

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Wide range of brands

We house many "Made in Japan" products as well as from various renowned brands all over the world.

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Do you choose the tool based on only price?

Please contact us if you have any concern about cooking tools. We suggest you products based on your usage needs.

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