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EBM Bistro 3Clad Stew Pan

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Combines the durability of stainless steel with the lightness and heat conduction of aluminum.

Heat conduction and durability are the most important factors when selecting a pot and pans, and the image of commercial-use pots and pans used to be that of heavy and bulky. In recent years, however, with women entering the workforce and the aging of the workforce, there is a strong demand for lightweight and easy-to-handle products. The BISTRO series uses three-layer clad materials to meet these needs at a high level.

 Diameter Capacity (L)
24cm 7.0L
27cm 10.0L
30cm 13.5L
33cm 18.0L
36cm 24.0L
39cm 30.0L
42cm 38.0L
45cm 45.0L