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EBM Iron Tempura Fryer

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Keeps the hot oil temperature for longer, enabling you to make the perfect deep fried food.

diameter capacity (L) depth thickness weight
27cm 1.5l 58mm 3.2mm 2.0kg
30cm 2.0l 59mm 3.2mm 2.5kg
33cm 3.0l 77mm 3.2mm 3.1kg
36cm 4.0l 85mm 3.2mm 3.9kg
39cm 6.0l 87mm 3.2mm 4.3kg
42cm 8.0l 102mm 3.2mm 5.1kg
45cm 10.0l 113mm 3.2mm 5.7kg
48cm 12.0l 119mm 3.2mm 6.6kg
51cm 14.0l 133mm 3.2mm 7.3kg