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EBM Kiso Hinoki Cutting Board

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Made from Hinoki (Cypress) wood, this cutting board is ideal for Japanese Knives. It is naturally resistant to molds and bacteria.

Can be used as beautiful serving board for your perfectly sliced Sushi.


 size thickness weight
500x300mm 30mm 2.2kgs
600x300mm 30mm 2.2kgs
600x330mm 30mm 2.5kgs
600x360mm 30mm 2.8kgs
750x300mm 30mm 3.2kgs
750x330mm 30mm 3.3kgs
750x360mm 30mm 3.4kgs
750x390mm 30mm 3.7kgs
900x330mm 30mm 4.5kgs
900x360mm 30mm 4.9kgs
900x390mm 30mm 5.1kgs
900x420mm 30mm 5.3kgs
900x450mm 30mm 6.0kgs