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EBM Stainless steel Spot welding Ladle for Preventing Contamination

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It is a sturdy ladle made of stainless steel for versatile usage in your kitchen. It has been coated to prevent the risk of contamination.

internal dia. length
10cc 35mm 230mm
15cc 41mm 230mm
20cc 44mm 230mm
25cc 51mm 230mm
30cc 52mm 230mm
36cc 53mm 230mm
40cc 57mm 230mm
50cc 60mm 230mm
60cc 65mm 230mm
70cc 68mm 250mm
80cc 73mm 250mm
90cc 75mm 250mm
100cc 78mm 250mm
120cc 80mm 250mm
150cc 88mm 280mm
180cc 95mm 280mm
200cc 97mm 280mm
300cc 110mm 290mm