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Glestain T Type Sujihiki Knife

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With the 440A steel as the base, Glestain Steel performs a number of stages of special heat treatment. They thoroughly purse high quality craftsmanship such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, toughness, stability of hardness, and persistence in sharpness to achieve advanced functions.

The T Type knives have been made adhesion resistance, allowing for ease of use and maintain the sharpness. Moreover, because the area of the blade sharpening is narrow, it is a design that is very easy to sharpen.

It comes with a long blade making it ideal for filleting and finely slicing meat. 

Brand Information:

Glestain is a Western-style, stainless-steel knife brand made by Honma Kagaku in Japan. The president, Mr. Honma, launched the Glestain brand knives in 1971. These knives have a distinguished design and cutting performance, which is result of their unique manufacturing method and workmanship. "Dimples" in the blade's surface reduces the surface tension between the blade and the food being cut, allowing faster, easier, and more efficient cutting.

blade length weight thickness
724TSK 24cm 367mm 245g 2.0mm
727TSK 27cm 395mm 250g 2.0mm
730TSK 30cm 445mm 280g 2.0mm
733TSK 33cm 470mm 290g 2.0mm
736TSk 36cm 500mm 305g 2.0mm