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Ebematsu Shoji

Hammered Copper Kettle SC-2007 2L

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"Copper Hammered Kettle" is a traditional Japanese tea utensil used to boil water. The "copper hammered" container is made of copper and has a hammered texture on its surface, which is created by hand using a hammering technique. The texture is considered to be beautiful and unique. The "meipire" refers to the spout and handle of the kettle.

The Copper Hammered Meipire Kettle is used in tea ceremonies to boil water for tea. It is heated over charcoal, and the boiling water is then used to prepare tea.

In addition to being a practical tea utensil, the Copper Hammered Meipire Kettle is also valued as a work of art and has been considered an important craft for many years.