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Madoromu Sake Tumbler Series

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This metal sake cup is made of copper coated with tin. The surface is decorated with various seasonal patterns, and when cold liquid below about 16°C is added, the patterns change color. 

Size: dia.61xH88mm Capacity 150ml

Copper is a metallic material that conducts heat well, and when you hold a sake cup, you can feel a cool, cool sensation on your hands and lips. The metal tin, which is plated on the surface, has a high ionic effect and purifies water and sake. For this reason, it has been said since ancient times that "water in a tin vessel does not spoil" and "sake tastes better after the miscellaneous tastes are removed," among other things. Sake, in particular, tastes mellower after the miscellaneous tastes are removed.

The pattern on the surface is designed to change color in response to cold temperatures. When a cold liquid below 16-17 degrees Celsius poured into the vessel, the color of flowers blooms and that of fireworks shoots up. This is a new type of sake container that allows you to pour sake and enjoy the color change with your eyes while tasting it.