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Manual Turning Slicer Tsuma Ichiban HS-313

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No.1 in the industry!
We have been making radish, carrot, and cucumber tsuma, as well as namasu, salad shreds, onion slices, potato shreds, and more.
Onion slices, potato strips, etc.

Product Specifications
Usage: Not only for making Tsumame (Japanese radish, carrot and cucumber), but also for Namasu, shredded for salads, onion slices, shredded for potatoes, etc. It can be used for many menus in both Japanese and Western style.

Dimensions: Depth 41 x Width 13 x Height 18 cm
Weight approx. 1 kg
Power Manual
Capacity up to 20 servings
turnips, cucumbers, potatoes, radishes, onions, long potatoes, carrots
Blade 1.0mm wide comb blade
A special stainless steel blade is used to produce fluffy, lively and shiny kneading.
Made of plastic, lightweight and compact
Equipped with a screw feed mechanism, so you can easily cut by simply turning the handle.
The thickness of the knob can be changed according to the width of the comb blade.
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