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Ebematsu Shoji

Oigen Cast Iron Miyo-chan's Sweet Potato Grill Pot CA-36

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254 mm (length) x 330 mm (width) x 135 mm (inner diameter 240 mm x depth 75 mm)

When the baked sweet potatoes are split in half, steam and the sweet smell of delicious sweet potatoes fills the air, stimulating the appetite. This "Miyo-chan's Yaki-imo Nabe" is a very popular product of Oigen, which won first place in the "Ultimate Yaki-imo Nabe" ranking by a yaki-imo sommelier.

The hot air from the chimney in the center hits the lid and goes around the inside of the pot, so the whole potatoes are baked as if they were wrapped around the lid. The arare pattern on the bottom of the pot acts as a "stone" and prevents the potatoes from being directly burned, thus preventing them from getting burnt and making them deliciously fluffy.