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Omoeraku Wooden Masu Sake Cup

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We convey our heart through the skill of our artisans and the materials we use.
Hospitality is warmth.

The word "omoeraku" is from the Chronicles of Japan. It means "think over (think or think).
As this word suggests, we Japanese learn and enjoy traditional culture and food culture. We Japanese have learned, enjoyed, thought about, and inherited traditional culture and food culture.

Behind the scenes, various "tools" have been used.
Tools such as sake cups, plates, and cooking utensils have a meaning and value that transcends the realm of practical use, and sometimes their presence has even moved the course of history. Their existence has even moved the course of history at times.

The "Omoeraku series" is a collection of "Omoeraku" products made with local materials and ingredients, and with the traditional Japanese culture and food culture as a backdrop.