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Chiba QUIRÉLOIS Mandolin Slicer

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The words leaked out like a sigh and became the name of the product.

In addition to the sharpness, the design and storage of the protective holder are other details. Cutting is fun!

Our products are used in various restaurants and hotels in Japan and abroad.

The blades that have been used for many years are also used in QUIRÉLOIS. Of course, our flat blades and comb blades were, are, and will always be made in Japan.

The combination of the comb blade width and thickness adjustment has a wide range of uses. Naturally, they all produce a shiny finish.

Standard accessories 1mm 2.5mm

Sashimi pickles, needle ginger, chopped white onion, kinpira gobo, potato galette, carrot shreds suitable for kinpa (Korean laver rolls) and carrot rapé, etc.

Optional 4mm 7mm

Kiriboshi Daikon and Imokenpi (potato kenpi). Chopped cabbage for dumplings and okonomiyaki is also chopped without being sticky and parapetted. Thinly shred zucchini and root vegetables lengthwise to make vegetable tagliatelle.

*Carrots are fine for firmness, but for particularly tough vegetables such as sweet potatoes, we recommend getting used to cutting them with other vegetables before cutting them.